Journey Through Mastermind Sports

The Mastermind Sports training facility is a state-of-the-art space where high-tech lighting meets cutting-edge training methods, blending virtual reality and science with traditional sports training.

The facility, which was initially a warehouse, was entirely gutted to make room for this transformation.

Mastermind’s design team collaborated with lighting expert Chelle Van Wassenhove from Lightology to meticulously plan the lighting. They opted for PureEdge Lighting, a brand renowned for its innovative light systems, to bring their vision of chevron lighting to life.

Starting with the Cirrus R1 model, PureEdge custom-designed chevron-shaped lighting fixtures that met the facility’s size and lighting requirements. A virtual rendering was generated by Lightology before installation to ensure that the design was aligned with the Mastermind team’s vision.

In addition to the eye-catching chevron lights, WAC’s Beamshift track lighting was added to provide layered lighting. These were done in black to blend seamlessly with the facility’s dark, open ceilings.

Because of the height of these track heads, a high-output model was chosen to ensure sufficient light reached the floor below. The finishing touch came in the form of Cirrus Pix Sticks, positioned above the front desk, tying together all the elements and underscoring the facility’s futuristic ambiance.

Every piece of the lighting puzzle was carefully chosen and installed, resulting in a cohesive design that complements the cutting-edge environment that Mastermind Sports has become known for.

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