Introducing PureEdge Lighting’s Pure Smart™ TruColor™ RGBTW Bulbs: The Next Level in Lighting Innovation

PureEdge Lighting's Pure Smart™ TruColor™ RGBTW Bulbs

Introducing top-quality, vibrant smart lighting: The TruColor RGBTW Pure Smart bulb. Enjoy over 16 million colors and 85,000 white shades, all managed by the premier WiZ smart lighting system.

Transform your current fixtures with the A19 Pure Smart bulb or enhance your recessed lights with the BR30. Connection is effortless via Wi-Fi without the need for a hub.

The A19 bulb fits seamlessly into most modern fixtures, so integrating Pure Smart’s unparalleled quality and color range into numerous lamps and lights is a breeze.

For recessed lighting, opt for the BR30 Pure Smart bulb and gain total lighting control. Powered by WiZ, Pure Smart syncs with 250-300 smart gadgets. Adjust color and brightness on your smartphone or establish automated settings easily. For hands-on control, use a compatible smart wall switch.

Exceptional Color Quality

Previous choices like RGB, RGBW, Tunable White, and Warm Dim had their restrictions. However, TruColor RGBTW stands out. It combines the best of each technology with a unique five-channel color mixer, providing unmatched flexibility.

Dive into an expansive palette of over 16 million colors and 85,000 white shades. TruColor RGBTW welcomes you to endless color possibilities.

Understanding the Black Body Curve

TruColor RGBTW offers whites that adhere to the blackbody curve, mimicking the natural light we love. Simply put, the Black Body Curve is a standard used to assess artificial light colors.

With TruColor, as you tweak your lighting, it adjusts accordingly, ensuring the right light intensity for varied color temperatures, maximizing the lighting quality for various uses.

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