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PureEdge Lighting's Pure Smart™ TruColor™ RGBTW Bulbs

Introducing PureEdge Lighting’s Pure Smart™ TruColor™ RGBTW Bulbs: The Next Level in Lighting Innovation

Introducing top-quality, vibrant smart lighting: The TruColor RGBTW Pure Smart bulb. Enjoy over 16 million colors and 85,000 white shades, all managed by the premier WiZ smart lighting system.
Transform your current fixtures with the A19 Pure Smart bulb or enhance your recessed lights with the BR30. Connection is effortless via Wi-Fi without the need for a hub.
The A19 bulb fits seamlessly into most modern fixtures, so integrating Pure Smart’s unparalleled quality and color range into numerous …


Journey Through Mastermind Sports

The Mastermind Sports training facility is a state-of-the-art space where high-tech lighting meets cutting-edge training methods, blending virtual reality and science with traditional sports training.
The facility, which was initially a warehouse, was entirely gutted to make room for this transformation.
Mastermind’s design team collaborated with lighting expert Chelle Van Wassenhove from Lightology to meticulously plan the lighting. They opted for PureEdge Lighting, a brand …


The Best Lighting Designs of 2022: A Fusion of Artistry and Technology

Lighting is no longer just a functional necessity; it’s an integral aspect of interior design that can drastically impact the ambiance and aesthetic of a space. The year 2022 saw an enthralling mix of innovation and creativity in lighting design.
Below, we delve into some of the standout trends that have captured both the industry’s and the public’s attention.
The Rise of Organic Shapes
Traditional geometric forms made way for more fluid, organic shapes in 2022. Brands like Foscarini and Artemide led this wave with sinuous designs that mimic natural elements, such as waves or leaves.
These …