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Six Game-Changing Lighting Trends that Will Shape the Market for the Next Ten Years

As we navigate through the third decade of the 21st century, the lighting industry is undergoing a technological renaissance. Gone are the days when lighting simply served to illuminate a space; today’s innovations make lighting an active component in the experience of living, working, and interacting.
Without further ado, here are six game-changing trends poised to reshape the lighting market over the next ten years.
1. Data-Driven Experiences
Smart lighting systems equipped with …

Get Ready to Splurge in These 4 Mid-Century Interior Design Concepts That You’ll Surely Love

If you’re saving up for your dream vacation and you’re a fan of mid-century design, you might want to navigate away from this article right now. Why? Because these irresistible mid-century home décor tips could tempt you to spend all your money in no time!
Let’s look at all of them.
The Corner of Comfort
Starting off, let’s talk about corners in your living room. It might seem safe to start small, but we can’t help but go all out. How about a floor lamp that brings warmth and style to your corner?
Trust us, you’ll fall in love with the cozy atmosphere it creates.
Let …

Journey Through Mastermind Sports

The Mastermind Sports training facility is a state-of-the-art space where high-tech lighting meets cutting-edge training methods, blending virtual reality and science with traditional sports training.
The facility, which was initially a warehouse, was entirely gutted to make room for this transformation.
Mastermind’s design team collaborated with lighting expert Chelle Van Wassenhove from Lightology to meticulously plan the lighting. They opted for PureEdge Lighting, a brand …