The lighting industry is changing fast, thanks to new digital technologies that are reshaping how we create, control, and experience light. We’re not here to bombard you with endless news. Instead, our goal is to handpick the most exciting innovations and ideas to help lighting professionals succeed and drive innovation.

We’re especially interested in topics like ‘planar lighting,’ ‘smart lighting,’ and special events like the ‘International Year of Light 2015.’

We’re partly involved in the 3D printing movement, which is why we’re excited to share the latest trends and insights in this game-changing area. If you’re interested in going deeper, there’s another site offering in-depth articles and interviews on 3D printing in lighting.

We Love Lamp is run by lighting experts and aims to offer valuable info and inspiration for other professionals in the field. Whether you’re in research, design, or planning, we aim to provide you with the freshest ideas to make your next lighting project a success.

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