Author: Linda McNamara


Six Game-Changing Lighting Trends that Will Shape the Market for the Next Ten Years

As we navigate through the third decade of the 21st century, the lighting industry is undergoing a technological renaissance. Gone are the days when lighting simply served to illuminate a space; today’s innovations make lighting an active component in the experience of living, working, and interacting.
Without further ado, here are six game-changing trends poised to reshape the lighting market over the next ten years.
1. Data-Driven Experiences
Smart lighting systems equipped with …


Capturing the Essence of Infinite Space with the Coelux Sun and Moon

Capturing the essence of infinite space within the confined walls of interior spaces seems like a paradox, yet Coelux’s Sun and Moon lighting systems make it astonishingly possible.
These innovative systems not only mimic the appearance of natural sunlight and moonlight but also produce a realistic portrayal of the sky. In doing so, Coelux revolutionizes our experience of indoor spaces, imbuing them with an unprecedented sense of openness and grandeur.
The Coelux Sun system ingeniously replicates the dynamic interplay between light and atmosphere, producing an effect remarkably similar to …


Your Ultimate Guide to Downlights and Spotlights

Lighting is both a technical and creative field. You need to be informed to select the right products and find a supplier who offers a wide range of quality, up-to-date lighting options.
Good lighting designers can help map out the ideal lighting plan for any room in your house, enhancing its ambiance and function.
As technology in lighting and equipment continually advances, new products flood the market every year. To stay current, lighting designers often attend home décor exhibitions, interior design workshops, and new product launches. Staying on …


How Today’s 7 Major Lighting Trends Are Redefining Interior Spaces

Light is a fundamental element in architecture and interior design, not just for providing visibility but also for enhancing the aesthetic and emotional quality of a space. Advances in technology, growing environmental awareness, and shifts in design philosophies have elevated lighting from a utilitarian function to a key design strategy.
Future trends might include organic materials that emit light, smart home integrations for energy efficiency, or even a revival of natural, simplistic …


Get Ready to Splurge in These 4 Mid-Century Interior Design Concepts That You’ll Surely Love

If you’re saving up for your dream vacation and you’re a fan of mid-century design, you might want to navigate away from this article right now. Why? Because these irresistible mid-century home décor tips could tempt you to spend all your money in no time!
Let’s look at all of them.
The Corner of Comfort
Starting off, let’s talk about corners in your living room. It might seem safe to start small, but we can’t help but go all out. How about a floor lamp that brings warmth and style to your corner?
Trust us, you’ll fall in love with the cozy atmosphere it creates.
Let …


Why Solar Lighting is a Smart Investment for Developing Nations

Human progress is relentless, but this advancement often comes at the expense of the environment, particularly due to industrial activity, which is both a major energy consumer and pollutant.
There’s a growing awareness that sustainable alternatives like solar and wind energy are crucial for our future, especially as fossil fuel reserves deplete.
Issues with Fossil Fuels
While essential for industrial operations, fossil fuels come with significant drawbacks, primarily pollution and resource scarcity. Once these fuels are depleted, many industries could come to a standstill. The encouraging news is that …

PureEdge Lighting's Pure Smart™ TruColor™ RGBTW Bulbs

Introducing PureEdge Lighting’s Pure Smart™ TruColor™ RGBTW Bulbs: The Next Level in Lighting Innovation

Introducing top-quality, vibrant smart lighting: The TruColor RGBTW Pure Smart bulb. Enjoy over 16 million colors and 85,000 white shades, all managed by the premier WiZ smart lighting system.
Transform your current fixtures with the A19 Pure Smart bulb or enhance your recessed lights with the BR30. Connection is effortless via Wi-Fi without the need for a hub.
The A19 bulb fits seamlessly into most modern fixtures, so integrating Pure Smart’s unparalleled quality and color range into numerous …

Lighting Technologies

Micro LED Innovation on the Rise: Addressing Mass Transfer and Testing Challenges Takes Center Stage

The Touch Taiwan 2021 expo provided a clear indication that Micro LED technology is nearing its tipping point – evolving from an exciting possibility into a commercial commodity.
Major players in the industry such as AUO, Innolux, and PlayNitride showcased an impressive array of products and applications, underscoring the technology’s commercial readiness and paving the way for broader adoption across markets.
AUO led the charge with its showcase of state-of-the-art Micro LED panels targeted at both home entertainment and the automotive industry.
In a groundbreaking collaboration with PlayNitride, AUO presented a 1…