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Journey Through Mastermind Sports

The Mastermind Sports training facility is a state-of-the-art space where high-tech lighting meets cutting-edge training methods, blending virtual reality and science with traditional sports training.
The facility, which was initially a warehouse, was entirely gutted to make room for this transformation.
Mastermind’s design team collaborated with lighting expert Chelle Van Wassenhove from Lightology to meticulously plan the lighting. They opted for PureEdge Lighting, a brand …


The Best Lighting Designs of 2022: A Fusion of Artistry and Technology

Lighting is no longer just a functional necessity; it’s an integral aspect of interior design that can drastically impact the ambiance and aesthetic of a space. The year 2022 saw an enthralling mix of innovation and creativity in lighting design.
Below, we delve into some of the standout trends that have captured both the industry’s and the public’s attention.
The Rise of Organic Shapes
Traditional geometric forms made way for more fluid, organic shapes in 2022. Brands like Foscarini and Artemide led this wave with sinuous designs that mimic natural elements, such as waves or leaves.
These …

The Rise of Micro OLED, the New Frontier in AR/VR Display Technology
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The Rise of Micro OLED, the New Frontier in AR/VR Display Technology

Micro OLED technology, which is an innovative fusion of OLED and semiconductor technologies, is carving out a niche in specialized display markets, particularly in AR/VR devices. It’s essential to distinguish it from its similarly-named relative, Micro LED, as each serves different purposes and markets.
Traditional OLEDs have been around for some time and are well-integrated into consumer devices like TVs and smartphones.
They utilize organic materials to emit light, thus removing the need for …

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Breaking Down the Differences Between Micro LED, Mini LED, and Micro OLED

Navigating the complex world of display technologies can be daunting, especially with terms like LCD, LED, OLED, Mini LED, and Micro LED floating around. But fret not, as we’ll break down these terms into digestible pieces to help you understand what’s what.
The Core Trio: LCD, LED, and OLED
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is the granddaddy of modern display tech, established and cost-effective. It operates by sandwiching a liquid crystal layer between two glass substrates.
When an electric current passes through, the liquid crystals align to either block or allow light to pass through, thereby generating an…

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2021, The Year Mini LED Began Its Commercial Journey

The year 2021 marked a turning point in the display technology sector with the introduction of Apple’s new iPad Pro, featuring state-of-the-art Mini LED technology.
This commercial debut paves the way for a market boom, with forecasts suggesting that Mini LED chips used in TV backlights alone could generate revenues of $270 million this year.
The advent of Mini LED technology rekindles the Taiwanese optoelectronics industry which had been grappling with overcapacity and intense pricing competition. Taiwan’s early venture into the mass production of Mini LEDs has made its companies pivotal players in this fast-growing …