Vary Light Object

by Florian Freihöfer

Concept Statement: To be balanced means, find your own point of few and this happened with changing your perception. The fear of change often lies in our high expectations and a specific goal. We forget that the path and associated development need time. I use geometric shapes which use the metamorphosis from angular to round to symbolise transformation. Interaction with the observer is achieved through the lights spatial orbit and the resulting change of form. It creates a connection between the object and existence, ensuring change remains a visible part of our life.

Project Specs: The luminaire is handmade by a glassblower. It connects the traditional craftsmanship and the minimalist luminaires of modern times. It is only one line that forms two 3-dimensional objects. It's powered by a high voltage neon source. The same advertisement light uses. Colour temperature 2500k-4000k. The connection between the cables and the glastube is a satined standard aluminium tube.The high voltage power supply is integrated in the floor unit.L320mm x W320mm x H800mm

Bio: Florian Freihöfer is a product and furniture designer from Munich, Germany. After working in different fields of work, Florian Freihöfer transformed his life experience into the area of design. He is constantly changing his point of view to create new ways of thinking and designing.


Place of Origin: Munich, Germany