L A M P bustles with MOVEMENT. It sets itself apart from other design competitions & events with its unique incorporation of engaging multi-disciplinary elements. 

Since 2013, Dupuis Dance and ah.images have collaborated  to create choreographed moving visuals and live installations that take place during the annual L A M P gala event. Each year the work entices the public to allow light to move them.

2015 - Cloud 2. Structured Improvisation. Installation by Tangible Interaction. Performance choreographed by Dupuis Dance. Dancer Caitlin Brown. Video shot by Mike Palermo. Edited by Annika Hagen.

2014 - Rain Collector, choreographed, edited & projected moving light installation. Dancer Caitlin Brown

2014 - Lightfall, live light & movement sculpture. Dancer Caitlin Brown

2013 Lamp Lady, live installation. Dancer Caitlin Brown