by Anony Studio 

Concept Statement: By allowing gravity to weight the center, the Highwire maintains balance by creating tension between two points. The user can add up to five luminaries to a single power drop. The Highwire uses electrical cables to create black outlines by tracing forms into a three dimensional space. These compositions are further enhanced by the light emanating from both sides of each individual weighted mass. The light created by the fixture not only illuminates the surrounding area, but also illuminates itself further enhancing the fixtures presence. The life cycle and energy efficiency of Highwire is crucial. By utilizing LED technology and minimizing manufacturing processes.

Project Specs: The Highwire is composed of anodized machined aluminum and laser cut diffusers. The elegant machined parts then rest on tensioned electrical cables. Having the electrical cables act as supports, allow the fixture to frame to any setting. Available: 1, 3, & 5 Dimensions: Small OD6 x 1.5in / OD150 x 40mm Large OD8 x 1.5in / OD200 x 40mm Materials: Aluminum, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Styrene Finish: Anodized Matte Black Electrical: 12W, 3000K, 24V LED 800Lm, 90CRI

Bio: ANONY is a lighting and product design studio founded by Christian Lo and David Ryan. Their interest in utilizing the latest technology and manufacturing processes is combined with an honest and timeless approach to a product’s life cycle judicious use of materials, minimal manufacturing, and ease of use. Through this philosophy, ANONY hopes to create products that produce an emotional response similar to the appreciation felt for the utilitarian yet well-designed objects of decades past.

URL: www.anony.ca

Place of Origin: Toronto, Canada