Giulia Liverani

Concept Statement:
We live inside a Universe where everything that matters is kept together by few fundamental forces in a continuously flowing state of equilibrium.

The existence of the cosmic equilibrium has always been considered a fascinating phenomenon of compensation. EQUILIBRIO lamp is based on the same phenomenon : the balance between gravity and magnetic force.

When the two sides of the lamp get close, the magnetic force becomes strong enough to challenge the gravity, letting one side magically flows in the air, in a constant state of equilibrium. Just when the two parts of the lamp reach the perfect balance, the light can be diffused through the Plexiglass into the surrounding.

Project Specs:
-Body lamp : 65 cm h X 25mm diameter
-Base : 5cm h X 10 cm diameter
-Electric cable and steel wire rope depending on the height of the ceiling

-30 cm of aluminium tube (black anodized)
-30 cm of sanded Plexiglass rod
-2ringneodymium magnets
-Cylindrical base in black anodized aluminium
-12 V Power LED

My mission, as a designer, is to take on complex challenges and develop innovative solutions that go beyond everyone imagination.

After my MA at Kingston University London , I started my own business, first designing products for private clients, and then exhibiting my first series of lamps at the Milan Design Week 2015.

Currently I'm working on few projects, in the field of light design, that will be displayed during London Design Festival 2016.


Place of Origin: