Matthew Kennedy


Concept Statement:
Eleni crystallizes what lighting could be: low energy consumption, excellent distribution and quality of light, and avoids the losses of putting a light source within a shade. Simple in terms of materials and assembly, the design is built around the technology, an exercise in functional minimalism.

From an incredibly small structure, LED light shines through a transparent acrylic waveguide, finished with gloss surfaces to a crystal-glass finish. Like etched crystal, grooves score the waveguide, the crossed lines making diamond patterns across its interior surface. Here is where the magic happens: light travelling through the waveguide is extracted through the grooves, the light reflecting off the crystalline structure of the extractors, and lighting up the world around it.

Eleni is created from cutting-edge solid state technology: high efficacy, low power consumption LEDs produce quality, dimmable light that is functionally distributed from the shade-shaped waveguide around its circumference, providing ergonomic, low glare light with superior colour rendering to the environment around it.

Weighing just two kilos, Eleni seems to float, with her diaphanous chandelier suspended at a single point from the offset structure, the weight distribution cleverly built into the counterbalanced design.

Clear as crystal.

Project Specs:
Diameter, waveguide ⌀450mm
Height, waveguide 270mm
Height, overall 470mm
Support structure 27mm x 45mm; stem ⌀20mm
Mass 2,1 kG

120-240 Volt
80% system efficiency
Aesthetic system design:
92 CRI, R9050
Efficacy: 80 lumens per Watt
4,800 lumens at 50W output
Performance system design:
80 CRI, R8000
Efficacy: 124 lumens per Watt
6,200 lumens at 50W output

Aesthetic & Performance models are differentiated as efficacy changes relative to colour rendering and temperature.

Injection molded acrylic waveguide with engineered extractors
Anodized aluminum structure (extruded; sintered or machined)
Custom modular LED PCBs
Remote driver
1 screw

I love lighting. There’s something magical about it.

I’ve been industrial design consulting since 1998, for companies such as Bombardier Aerospace, Qiagen, and David’s Tea and I have designed lighting for Philips, Ledalite, Eureka, Axis, Haworth and ALCOA. I’m passionate about solid state lighting, and spent the last two years on personal projects designing and developing new archetypes in lighting.

Country of Origin:
Vancouver, Canada.