by Nathan Siu

Concept Statement: Nature is the origin of balance - A constant act of renewal that refines itself with every cycle. Even as life fades, the remnants of the past remain as alternate forms of beauty. Driftwood is inspired by pristine scenery within nature. It emulates a piece of wood floating on a calm lake, barely breaking the surface and floating without disturbances. The warm diffused light mimics the refraction of light within water, bouncing off the rocky shore and illuminating the floating wood. It is both literally and figuratively “balanced”, as the wooden disc is suspended in the air as if floating on water. The ambient lighting from Driftwood provides the room with a warm, comforting atmosphere.

Project Specs: The Driftwood is comprised of two main bodies: the oak disc and the concrete base. The oak is finished with a semi-gloss coating to provide higher reflectance. The concrete provides a diffusing effect, creating a softer light. Neodymium magnets are used to levitate the disc and is controlled by a regulating system via the PCB. With a total diameter of 6", Driftwood fits perfectly in any environment.

Bio: Nathan Siu is an aspiring consumer electronics designer studying at Carleton university in Ottawa, Canada. He is currently completing his third year in the Bachelor of Industrial Design. As a spontaneous, curious, and diverse individual, he constantly experiments within the different facets of design. With high proficiency in sketching, prototyping, CAD, and understanding of the design process, Nathan strives to recognize intricate details and amplify them into special, tangible experiences for the user.

URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathancksiu/

Place of Origin: Mississauga, Canada