L A M P - ‘Lighting Architecture Movement Project’ - is a temporary group installation that showcases light and form through the lens of architectural design.  


Four architectural designers have been chosen to participate in this first annual design installation exhibition and creative challenge to be held at the Woodward's Atrium in Vancouver, BC.


L A M P was created for professional designers to have an opportunity to re-imagine their talents in conceptual explorations and for the community to connect with architecture and design.  


How does L A M P work? The designers received a thematic word and were offered lighting options to create their installations. They had three months to conceptualize their designs.


In addition to the 4 major installations, L A M P invited 8 local artists to participate in a sculptural subset called Side Project. Each artist is altering a ‘Tress’ light shell by Foscarini. These works will be arranged in the space alongside the larger installations and available for auction. 


On Thursday October 3, L A M P will host a celebration of the designers’ efforts for a ticket price of $15.00 (available here & at the door), offering beer, wine, music & entertainment and is open to all ages. The space will then be open to the public by donation on October 4 & 5.  L A M P has chosen Arts Umbrella as their charitable beneficiary and will donate partial proceeds to the local not-for-profit arts education centre.