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about L A M P

‘Lighting Architecture Movement Project’ was founded in 2013 as a group installation & exhibition showcasing light and form through the lens of architectural design.  

L A M P was created to offer designers an opportunity to engage their talents in unique conceptual explorations and to connect the local community to architecture and design.  

2014 reimagines L A M P as an international design competition open to all ages and creative backgrounds.  The event will curate 10 jury picked lights that will be exhibited at an event in November.  The top 25 designs will be shown in their concept sketch form at the event and will be open to a public vote. The top ten lights will be showcased in front of key players in the design community providing opportunity to receive manufacturing guidance and industry contacts. The winning design will receive a critique by the Creative Director of FontanaArte.  

The L A M P Vancouver event draws in a large crowd of artists, architects, product designers, students, local business entrepreneurs and design enthusiasts. The exhibition will be accessible to the public for the week following the event. The top designs will reach broad media exposure through our popular online presence, connecting participants to a global market. The winning entry will be featured in GRAY Magazine.

L A M P bustles with MOVEMENT. It sets itself apart from other architectural lighting & design competitions & events with its unique incorporation of engaging multi-disciplinary elements.


L A M P 2014 - TOP 25

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1st - DROOP - Spencer Staley - Portland, OR

2nd - STUMP - Duncan Meerding - Tasmania, Australia

3rd - TIE:     SOLIGHT - Scott Schiesel - Portland, OR

                     & WAV/FORM - Denis Godin & Vlad Lavrovsky - Vancouver, BC


SIDECAR - Simon Ray Kitz & Peter Coolican - Toronto, ON

MoT - Marta Rodrigues & Pedro Mendes - New York, NY

WOODEN HALO - Paul Sykes - Portland, OR

MACRO - Arno Matis - Vancouver, BC

SCROLL - Tiffany Blaise - Burnaby, BC

FILAMENT - Dylan Woock & Amelia Tyson - Portland, OR

FILAMENT FIBRE - Mischa Couvrette - Toronto, ON


Runner Up: WE WILL LEARN - Theunis Snyman & Jesi Carson - Vancouver, BC

Honorable Mentions:

LENTICULAR - Aaron Zenga - Vancouver, BC

HYPHAE - Jody Bielun - Vancouver, BC

FLITCH - Anton Maka - Detroit, MI


MANTILLA - Nick Santillan - Vancouver, BC

MIRAGE - Therese Amus Gidlöf - Stockholm, Sweden

NUVOLA - Mary Helen Pratte - Austin, TX

PI - Kevin Hviid - Copenhagen, Denmark

PITH - Kalyca Ryan & Bram Sawatzky - Vancouver, BC

PLAITED - Melanie Thompson - Saltspring Island, BC

ROTHKO - Charlotte Falk - Vancouver, BC

SAIL - Tim Richards - Toronto, ON

TAKO/KITE - Yuri Kinoshita - Kyoto, Japan/Seattle, WA


Thank you for all your submissions!

Submissions are now CLOSED. (read this year's guidelines)

L A M P received 50+ entries from 29 citites in 13 countries! 

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Competition winner will receive: 

  • a critique of their lamp by the creative director at FontantaArte.
  • 4 hours of mentorship (by Skype or in person) from the team behind ANDLIGHT.
  • coverage in GRAY magazine's Dec/Jan issue “Hot New Next”, dedicated to the region’s top designers and rising stars.

  • The Inform Interiors Award of a $500 cash prize.

The top 3 lamps will also be on display for the week following the L A M P 2014 Vancouver event at Inform Interiors in Gastown, Vancouver. 


L A M P is run by founders Annika Hagen and Nicole Fox. Our interests and abilities span writing, film, dance and design. We are performers, producers and audience members. We joined forces in the interest of producing interesting, dynamic and enjoyable events that people will remember.

“The history of architecture is the history of the struggle for light.”
— Le Corbusier - architect
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