L A M P 2014 kicked off its first year as an International Design Competition setting the basic structure for future years to come.  The 2014 Vancouver exhibition curated the top 10 jury picked lights, showcasing them at a very successful event in November.  The top 25 designs were shown in their concept sketch form at the event and were open to a public vote. The jury-picked 2014 winning design received a critique by the Creative Director of FontanaArte, 4 hours of mentorship from AND Light as well as a full page feature in GRAY Magazine. 

The L A M P Vancouver event drew in a large crowd of artists, architects, product designers, students, local business entrepreneurs and design enthusiasts, and achieved astounding media coverage. The top designs reached broad media exposure through our popular online presence, connecting participants to a global market. 

L A M P received 50+ entries from 29 citIEST in 13 countries! 

Lighting Architecture   "MOVEMENT"  Project explained.

Lighting Architecture "MOVEMENT" Project explained.

2014 Sponsors.

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1st Place Winner: DROOP - Spencer Staley, Portland, OR 

2nd Place: STUMP - Duncan Meerding, Tasmania, Australia 

tied for 3rd: SOLIGHT - Scott Schiesel, Portland, OR    

& WAV/FORM - Denis Godin & Vlad Lavrovsky, Vancouver, BC

Following the November 2014 Exhibition, the top 3 lights were displayed at Inform Interiors in Vancouver, BC as part of the desginers' prize packages. The Winning light received a $500 cash prize from Inform Interiors. 

2014 L A M P Competition received submissions at various stages of creation; ranging from sketches & renderings to fully realized prototypes and a few completed lights. The judges based their votes, not on completeness, but on unique incorporation of this year's theme: FIBRE, sustainable use of material wherever possible, innovation & originality. Designs were required to use LED lights. 

The TOP 25 are listed in placement order below. Click on a strip to view in gallery mode. 

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results of online vote:

330 Online Votes were tallied...

People's Choice Award goes to:

WE WILL LEARN by Theunis Snyman & Jesi Carson of Basic Design

runner up:

WAV/FORM by Denis Godin & Vlad Lavrovsky

2014 L A M P Sponsors


by Ricky Alvarez & Leanne Kriz  

Braided is an exploration of the interplay between fiber and light. Drawing inspiration from nautical rope, Ricky & Leanne  braided 480 strands of monofilament nylon line and 16 Electro luminescent wires to create a long consistent interwoven  pattern. As the braid opens up, the individual strands reveal themselves allowing the viewer to discover the inner workings of this piece . 

Ricky Alvarez is an installation artist born in Mexico City now working in Vancouver, Canada. He is the founder and creative director of Tinto Creative, a multi-disciplinary design studio. Many of his works are site specific and are designed to be incorporated in the aesthetic vision of each project. Ricky works with raw and evocative materials in unconventional applications to produce a visual narrative subjective to each viewer

Leanne Kriz is a Vancouver born artist whose work has mostly focused on the use of experimental materials in conceptual fashion jewelry. These pieces are meant to evoke an array of sensorial experiences and emotive responses that engage the audience in a way that enables them to reflect on their role as a consumer.  Her current work involves the use of a variety of mediums such as photography, digital interfaces as well as more classical formats in design to explore ideas of process, the ephemeral, mortality and the human condition. 

The L A M P 2014 Vancouver event drew in a large crowd of artists, architects, product designers, students, local business entrepreneurs and design enthusiasts. The top 15 lights were showcased & displayed for one week following the event. 

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Photos courtesy of Michael Young & Annika Hagen

2014 competition guidelines

open to all ages & creative talents. entrants must adhere to design theme & specifications and consider the competition registration and timeline requirements.


• entries welcome to interpret theme however they wish.

• entrants limited to ONE design per submission fee.

• each design to be submitted on time through designated submission process.

• proposed designs & prototypes MUST NOT exceed 10 cubic feet.

• lighting designs can be in any format; floor, pendant, table…

• INDOOR working lights only.

• final submissions intended for 1:1 scale.

• all design, material, submission & shipping costs (including return) to be absorbed by entrants.

• 10 finalist submissions have the choice of having their entry pieces returned OR sold with a share of 50/50 profits at silent auction.

• designs must use LED sustainable lights in proposed designs.

competition theme


This year's L A M P theme is Fibre. We chose a very broad subject that would be wide open to interpretation.....

We can't wait to see how your designs illustrate your visions.


2014 L A M P timeline 

• july 1st - competition announced

 september 20th - application submission deadline

• september 30th - registrants notified of top 25 entries and jury panel selected top 10.

• october 27th accepting top 10 exhibition materials.

• october 31st - deadline for materials.

• november 20th - L A M P event.

evaluation process

a jury panel of 6 top architects, designers and media will base their decisions on the design’s integration of theme, use of sustainable material wherever possible, consideration & feasibility of shipping and ease of exhibition, innovation & originality, potential for marketability and economic manufacturing.

As part of L A M P's mandate, each year we hope to engage the community and in particular, inspire the involvement of young designers. In 2014 L A M P partnered with the Future Science Leaders of Science World. Over the course of 6 weeks, grade 11 & 12 students, in 3 groups, designed their own lamps using LED lights and addressing the theme FIBRE. Their designs were featured at the L A M P exhibition and event.

During the Novemember 22/23 exhibition, L A M P invited Science World's Future Science Leaders & Lighting Designer Matthew McCormick to host a KID'S Designing Light Workshop, open to children 7-12. Kids designed their own Light Bracelets using felt, conductive thread and LED lights.