lighting architecture movement project


about L A M P

‘Lighting Architecture Movement Project’ was founded in 2013 as a group installation & exhibition showcasing light and form through the lens of architectural design.  

L A M P was created to offer designers an opportunity to engage their talents in unique conceptual explorations and to connect the local community to architecture and design.  

2014 reimagines L A M P as an international design competition open to all ages and creative backgrounds.  The event will curate 10 jury picked lights that will be exhibited at an event in November.  The top 25 designs will be shown in their concept sketch form at the event and will be open to a public vote. The top ten lights will be showcased in front of key players in the design community providing opportunity to receive manufacturing guidance and industry contacts. The winning design will receive a critique by the Creative Director of FontanaArte.  

The L A M P Vancouver event draws in a large crowd of artists, architects, product designers, students and local business entrepreneurs. The exhibition will be accessible to the public for the week following the event. The top designs will also reach broad media exposure through our popular online presence, connecting participants to a global market. 

L A M P bustles with MOVEMENT. It sets itself apart from other architectural lighting & design competitions with its multi-disciplinary incorporation of music and dance.


competition overview

“Light is the first element of design; without it there is no colour, form, or texture.”
— Thomas E. Farin - educator, lighting consultant, entrepreneur

Submission Guidelines

open to all ages & creative talents. entrants must adhere to design theme & specifications and consider the competition registration and timeline requirements.


entries welcome to interpret theme however they wish.

entrants limited to ONE design per submission fee.

each design to be submitted on time through designated submission process.

proposed designs & prototypes MUST NOT exceed 10 cubic feet.

lighting designs can be in any format; floor, pendant, table…

INDOOR working lights only.

final submissions intended for 1:1 scale.

all design, material, submission & shipping costs (including return) to be absorbed by entrants.

10 finalist submissions have the choice of having their entry pieces returned OR sold with a share of 50/50 profits at silent auction.

designs must use LED sustainable lights in proposed designs.

competition theme


This year's L A M P theme is Fibre. We chose a very broad subject that would be wide open to interpretation.....

We can't wait to see how your designs illustrate your visions.

submission process

registration fee per design submission is $30

fees and initial submission materials will be accepted online only. actual lamps/prototypes are not to be sent in unless chosen as the top ten by the panel of judges. those ten designs will be required by October 31st and all shipping expenses to be absorbed by entrant. It is up to the entrant if they wish to have their piece returned or sold at silent auction with a share of 50/50 proceeds.

• initial submission materials MUST include:

2-5 concept sketches, renderings and/or photographs of proposed lighting design.

250 word MAX entrant bio.

250 word separate submission CONCEPT statement addressing how they chose to interpret theme.

design TITLE to be clearly displayed on all submission materials. Entrants name MUST NOT be displayed on any submission materials apart from submission form evaluation process and entrant bio.

2014 L A M P timeline 

july 1st - competition announced

september 20th* - application submission deadline - *this is the FINAL extended deadline

september 30th - registrants notified of top 25 entries and jury panel selected top 10.

october 27th accepting top 10 exhibition materials.

october 31st - deadline for materials.

november 20th - L A M P event.

evaluation process

a jury panel of 6 top architects, designers and media will base their decisions on the design’s integration of theme, use of sustainable material wherever possible, consideration & feasibility of shipping and ease of exhibition, innovation & originality, potential for marketability and economic manufacturing.

Competition winner will receive: 

  • a critique of their lamp by the creative director at FontantaArte.
  • 4 hours of mentorship (by Skype or in person) from the team behind ANDLIGHT.
  • coverage in GRAY magazine's Dec/Jan issue “Hot New Next”, dedicated to the region’s top designers and rising stars.

(with more incentives yet to be announced!)


L A M P is run by founders Annika Hagen and Nicole Fox. Our interests and abilities span writing, film, dance and design. We are performers, producers and audience members. We joined forces in the interest of producing interesting, dynamic and enjoyable events that people will remember.

“The history of architecture is the history of the struggle for light.”
— Le Corbusier - architect
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media contact: Tanya Tweten – Promoter at Heart – info@promoteratheart.com

*photo credit Adele Thomas of Make.