L A M P will not be moving forward with the 2019 Competition as planned. Any future competitions are on hold indefinitely. If you are a designer who was intending to submit please fill in the below form so that you can be notified of any changes.

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I intended on submitting my design to the 2019 competition.

After 6 incredible years the founders of L A M P have created an international success. We feel honoured to have worked with all of the designers, sponsors and attendees of our events and know that L A M P could not have reached its goals without your participation. The decision to close L A M P has not been made lightly, but we have come to realize that our passions lie elsewhere. We are so grateful for the loyal support you have shown us over the years. While we have decided to end our run with L A M P we would be thrilled to see it live on. If you are interested in continuing with the torch please email us directly at info (at) welovelamp.ca


“The history of architecture is the history of the struggle for light.”

— Le Corbusier - architect