by Umberto Garcia

Concept Statement: This lamp presents unique features and offers an unmatched user experience.Its structure is made up of a series of rings in different sizes, kept in BALANCE by a sophisticated system of tensioned steel cables. Each ring is crossed by a set of elastic fabric ribbons. The rings are not fixed but free to slide up and down. By holding one and shifting it, it is possible to change the configuration of the whole lamp. The strips that make up the lampshade are constrained by the rings and shaped by their movement. The light is filtered through the strips and forms ever changing light patterns on the surrounding surfaces. By moving the rings the user can chose how much light to let through and how much to block, generating a BALANCE of light and shadow in the room. Directly acting on light the user learns how to BALANCE it.

Project Specs: Dimension of the lamp is approx. 400mm x 400 mm x h.1000 mm Materials are laser cutted methacrylate, textile and aluminum.

Bio: Umberto Garcìa is a product designer with Colombian, Finnish and Italian origins. Since the very beginning of his career, he shared his passion for light. The aim at the base of each project is not to design just another product but to deeply investigate the theme of light in order to create unique lamps. Umberto Garcia Design is a studio based in Milan.

Place of Origin: Perugia, Italy