Turner Lamp

by Ruoting Wang & Sanny Ng

Concept Statement: In order to strike a balance and arrive at the stage of equilibrium, one has to constantly response and adjust to the environment. Hence, finding balance is a journey of actions and reactions instead of a finite destination. We invent Turner Lamp not only as a tool to let the users experience the actions of balancing an object, but also as a lighting fixture that can flip to create direct, indirect, and diffused light to balance different needs of the users and lighting scenes. No matter how you turn it, Turner Lamp always maintains its balance in proportion as a ring of tetrahedrons.

Project Specs: Tuner Lamp is made of heavyweight recycled vellum paper and fabric sewed together and constructed by origami paper folding techniques. It has energy efficient remote controlled RGBW-LED as light source. Each Turner Lamp consists of six tetrahedrons. Overall Dimension of Tuner Lamp is 10.5”(w) x 12”(l) x 6”(h).

Bio: SX2 is founded by Sanny Ng and Sunny Wang who are designers working in New York City. With strong interest in computational design and trans-disciplinary applications of emerging technology, they are both endeavoring to push the envelope of their practice through cross disciplinary collaborations, teaching, and researching.

Place of Origin: New York, USA