The Curious One
Sophie Charier

Concept Statement:
Here, «Cosmic» represents an image, and its relation with time.
The atheism of imperfection and unexpected things.
The objective of this project was to recreate on the inside what a dark and illuminated sky can inspire us by creating a lamp that consider light in all it’s properties, diffusion, reflexion and refraction.
The two round shapes complete each other, the one in front, white, simple and discreet, is here to reveal and highlight the one in the back. This second part of the lamp is an old mercury mirror, a bit damaged by time and slightly angled. With the reflexion of the light coming from the back of the first part of the lamp, it creates a light mark another wall of the room. By Using LED lights, aluminum and reused mirror, "The Curious One" is a responsible and aesthetic lamp. Hope you like it !

Project Specs:
The first round shape (12'' diameter) made of aluminium, circled with brass, with white LED lights on the back.
The second one (9'' diameter) which is a old mercury mirror and circled with brass.
The third part, in steel, link those two together, allows the all object to be fixed on a wall, and to the mirror to move and be angled .
Full dimensions 14''x8''x16,5''

Hi ! My name is Sophie Charier, I am twenty one years old student and space designer currently studying at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique in the Master « Sustainable Innovations ». I am a very curious, dynamic and empathic person passioned by uncommon things. My work is influence by all the experiences that I had, personal and professional after my internships in architecture and design agencies (Bureau d’Achon in France, Zeller&Moye in Mexico).


Place of Origin: