Pierre de lune
Vincent Le Bon & Emilie Steprans

Concept Statement:
"Pierre de lune" celebrates the singularity of bedtime rituals by creating a soft, warm and unique light. The digital tools used to produce each one of its parts make "Pierre de lune" a unique home object who’s detailing remains minimal and elegant.

The concrete sphere expresses the simplicity but also the imperfect shape and surface of our moon. Its weight, however, is somehow related to gravity, taking you right back on Earth. The maple wood lens was chosen in order to create a natural and soothing light. The angle of the projected light also mimics the effect of the sun disappearing on the horizon.

As would be a piece of our moon, each lamp is made unique by the spontaneity of the molded concrete’s pore patterns as well as the naturally occurring veins on the wooden lens, which are impossible to reproduce or standardise.

Project Specs:
Concrete sphere width ø 15cm
Wood lens diameter ø 11,1cm

My challenge was mainly to create a one-piece concrete spherical shell. This is why each little moonstone depends on a series of digital processes. The concrete shell holding the LED was molded using a 3D printed cast, while the wood disk that creates the lamp’s warm feel was laser cut from a thin wood sheet, achieving a perfectly fitting section for every "Pierre de lune".

Vincent Le Bon is a young Canadian entrepreneur. When he was young, he used to build things with his father, sometimes crafting smaller objects and other times, larger structures.

Vincent developed an interest in designing and creating furniture while living in Paris where he worked at a home and living e-commerce company in order to better understand the industry.

In 2016, Vincent launched Binx, his own furniture & home design lab in Montréal, Canada.


Place of Origin:
Montreal, Canada