by Romney Shipway 

Concept Statement: When I think of “balance”, I am immediately drawn to the struggle of finding balance between work, play, rest, and home, and how complex it is to maintain this balance. The iconic scale with two scale pans and a single fulcrum, just doesn’t seem to be a relevant representation of the complexities of finding balance in today’s world. I used this iconic symbol as my departure point and began a deep dive into “what is balance?”. I looked to the natural world for inspiration, as nature is the master of balance. Objects in nature have an inherent sense of balance, even when they are visually off centre. I believe this is achieved through their pattern language (golden ratio, Fibonacci spiral, the flower of life, etc). I pulled upon all of these patterns to unravel a final form that is hoped to give a sense of balance and peace when experienced.

Project Specs: -L-61.5” x W at centre 13.625” x D 1.75”, adjustable drop from ceiling -Ethically sourced Ash wood body (solid wood spokes, cylindrically laminated frames) -Soy (Sustainably grown) based resin lens (poured in, in liquid state) -Aluminum discs on top of light pans act as heat sink (easy end of life recyclability) -LED strip ( solderless connections for easy replacement after 15,000 hours) -Finished with tinted Eco-certified hard wax oil

Bio: SHIPWAY living design Romney Shipway, Owner/principle Through my practice, I strive to create meaningful contemporary objects and spaces that reflect the beauty of the natural world, while respecting it by using the most environmentally sensitive materials possible. I get most of my inspiration from the natural world that surrounds us, specifically the forests and the ocean that make up the beautiful west coast of British Columbia.


Place of Origin: Vancouver B.C.