Little Zig
Eve Fineman & Henri Preiss

Concept Statement:
Little Zig refers to the Ziggurat formation of the shade, a shape that references objects both ancient and futuristic. The origin of the shade was inspired by a recurring visual element in the paintings of one of the collaborators, whose work also references traces of time from past to present to future. Translated into a table-top lamp, the shade appears to have landed like an unknown craft onto the earthy, concrete base. The COSMIC reference here is visually undeniable, as the addition of glow to the form reinforces its spaceship-like appearance.

This piece is the second in a collaborative series, both exploring the transformation of this ziggurat form. The use of digital fabrication technology is an intentional move to enable local, simple production. The concrete base is cast in-house, serving as a contrast to the glowing acrylic shade. The materiality and processes allow for minimal waste and straightforward production.

Project Specs:
Dimensions: 9"H x 9.5"W x 9.5"D
Materials: acrylic, concrete, LED light
Processes: Laser cut acrylic sheet, cast concrete form. Shade is removable.

Henri Preiss is a visual artist, whose paintings combine archetypal imagery (motifs, compositions, color schemes and symbolism) in complex ways to produce pieces that are exotic yet somehow recognizable. Henri teaches drawing in the Theater School at DePaul University.

Eve Fineman is trained as an architect and teaches interior architecture and product design at Columbia College Chicago. Eve designs furniture and custom interiors for projects ranging from residences to restaurants and yachts.


Place of Origin:
Chicago, IL USA