Josh Metersky & Aiden Bowman

Concept Statement:
Cosmos, among other things, is perceived as the feeling of “inconceivable vastness.” Janus, a table lamp designed with this idea in mind, explores the theme’s multiple and concurrent interpretations as they exist coherently within one design object. Named both for the two-faced Roman deity (often depicted as a coin) and one of Saturn’s outermost rings, Janus’s form borrows directly from its namesakes. At the center, an adjustable shade of dichroic glass pivots on a central axis—mimicking planetary movement while refracting the light to create strikingly different effects on each of its two faces and its surroundings. To support the shade, an orbital ring rendered in brass shines light inwards, concentrating the dichroic effects of the glass to create an aurora-like experience. Embracing universality, Janus holds a mirror to our evolving world, melding different recognizable tropes to create a continually shifting experience for the user.

Project Specs:
Materials: Machined and rolled brass armature; dichroic glass shade, HDPE diffuser
Lamping: 120V, 3600k LED Strip
Dimensions: H: 11.5-14.25in W: 11.5in D: 9.25in

Josh Metersky and Aiden Bowman are the Brooklyn-based designers behind Trueing—a young, context-driven studio working between product and graphic design. Their respective backgrounds in engineering and art history lend each project a sense of utility, tempered with reference to wider material culture. As the name Trueing would suggest, their approach brings projects into focus, arriving at the exact form, appearance or structure required by the brief.


Place of Origin:
Brooklyn, NY