Rachel Tardif & Tatev Yesayan

Concept Statement:
The design of this lamp was achieved through the exploration of a variety of themes related to the cosmos which were used as analogical tools. Foremost of these, were the concentric motions of the cosmic spheres (the moon revolves around earth, which revolves around sun, which revolves around the galactic center), as well as the poetic aspect of the constellations that shows how humans create a connection with the infinite by applying their own scale onto the stars. Indeed the purpose of this project was to create an object that can recreate the narrative of our obsession to understand the universe and find our origins in the stars. It does so through this introspective and contemplative experience of playfully pivoting the concentric spheres to find the light at its center. The shape of the lamp was inspired by the observatory’s wandering eye and the gyroscope’s multiple pivoting axes.

Project Specs:
Dimensions (approximately): 8"x8"x8 2/3"
Materials: 3D printed plastic (acrylic polymer), 1/2" copper pipe, copper rings, LED light.
The three spheres are 3d printed in halves to be inserted into each other. The copper rings hold the halves together and support the pivot points for each sphere.

Rachel Tardif and Tatev Yesayan graduated in Design from Concordia University in Montreal. Inspired throughout their studies to bring harmonious interactions into the built environment, they aim to create poetic experiences in each of their projects. Their work ranges from smaller scale lighting design to larger scale urban installations. Their process is fundamentally influenced by analogical thinking as an approach to design, and thus their work is often inspired from elements of nature.

Place of Origin:
Montreal, Canada