by Konstantin Klaas

Concept Statement: HORIZON is a table lamp designed to create a warm and lively atmosphere. A loosely floating lampshade, balancing on a single point, creates a dynamic lighting effect on the surrounding surfaces. The invisible interplay of forces around us is transformed into a visible phenomenon, providing a relaxed and candle-like coziness. A mirrored surface reflects the light rays coming from the lower part and spreads them in different directions. On one hand, creating soft caustic effects on the surrounding vertical surfaces. On the other hand, providing a subtle glow that brightens up the horizontal plane. And at last, projecting an oscillating pattern on the ceiling that intensifies the balancing movement. Its morphological aspect enhances the pivot point, through which two simple geometrical shapes become one inseparable whole. Light + Balance creating a subtle moving horizon that invites to dwell and dream.

Project Specs: General dimensions: height: 280mm, ø280mm The luminaire consists of two separate elements, a cylindrical body and a cupola. The cupola is a transparent half-sphere from PMMA with a cone in its center hosting a radial mirror. The cylindrical body contains all the electrical components and the light source. It is assembled from two main aluminum turned parts. The tube-like housing sits on top of a small circular pedestal, acting as the control-switch when being turned.

Bio: MIRSON+KLAAS. Product+Lighting Design. Studio based in Berlin, Germany. We focus on the relationship between light and spatial perception. We explore how light and its qualities create new experiences and atmospheres. We develop products understanding light as a phenomenon that can transport us to contemplate and admire our surroundings. Launching our first product HORIZON on the competition LAMP 2018.

Place of Origin: Berlin, Germany