Quantal Quilt by


Hfour is an experiential design studio.

Quantal Quilt is a geometric projection mapping artwork which uses gravity and chaos theory to form its three dimensional shape. The tessellated design of the triangles allows the canvas to fold in geometric, yet also natural ways, an unusual feature in projection mapping surfaces. Each time the piece is hung, it settles in to a unique form, appearing like a low polygon version of itself in a computer generated world.

Irises look like exploded stars. A ring of colour around a void. In eyes, the iris controls the aperture of our eye, allowing more or less light in to our retinas. When the eyes let in more light than they should, the peripheries of vision start to dance and vibrate, revealing hidden dalliances at the edge of our visual process. Normally, seeing this wouldn’t be an evolutionary advantage, so the iris’ aperture filters it out. But for a moment in time, can our expanded vision reveal the divine beauty of what lies just out of sight, and lead us forward with inspiration to explore and seek out deeper understanding of ourselves in the universe?
Irises are made from exploded stars. 

Hfour is Ben Z Cooper and Stuart James Ward, a Vancouver-based artist duo who create new media installations with the combination of technology and craft. Hfour uses its expertise in video projections, lighting, sound and special effects to bring public spaces, architecture, and natural features to life in ways that encourage thought and interaction.

Through their art, Hfour investigates the concepts of time, space, ephemerality, and technology’s effects on humanity. 

Hfour is committed to expanding the culture of technology-driven art, especially in the Greater Vancouver Area. In 2013, they helped found Aurora Digitalis, an inclusive non-profit organization focused on technology-enabled art through curating art shows and engaging in public art.

Hfour have done live video performances on relief sculptures in Japan, China, and across Canada. Their interactive works have been displayed at various events in Canada.