Anna Tomschik

Concept Statement:
The play of sun and moon structures a day. Two natural light sources that are guiding us through space and time. Urban living very often doesn’t match with sunrise and sunset, therefore the design challenge is to create our own lighting universe.
Inspired by the natural reality of sun and moon, a bedside table light has been designed. Based on the user’s circadian rhythm, the luminaire assists by waking up and falling asleep in a pleasant way. Via mobile app, an individual set up can be made regarding light intensity and color temperature. The big hemisphere, the sun, will gradually illuminate itself in the morning linked to the alarm clock. The smaller hemisphere, the moon, features soft and reflected light at bedtime. Henyx, named after the greek goddesses of day and night Hemera and Nyx, contributes to a healthy lifestyle and brings us one step further to natural living.

Project Specs:
Two hemispheres are held by a copper framework. The bigger one consists of acrylic glass with a matte finish that acts light-diffusing. The LED lamp has a blue-enhanced spectrum, which functions like an energy boost.
The smaller hemisphere is fabricated from concrete. Its LED lamp, pointing from the bigger hemisphere into the concrete shape, has a reduced short wavelength.
The composition measures 350 x 480 x 170mm.

Born and raised in the countryside of Austria, Anna Tomschik takes main inspiration from nature. After receiving a master degree in Architecture in Vienna, she strived for deepening her sensitivity in lighting. She is currently studying at the KTH Lighting Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden. Her design approach is human-centered. She believes in light as a precious good that has to be addressed to its users in quality and time.

Place of Origin:
Vienna, Austria