Alex Josephson


Concept Statement:
Gweilo is a new family of lighting that transforms the light source itself. We were obsessed with the idea of creating a light that is light itself rather than a fixture, housing or clothing for standard bulbs. Gweilo was about getting as close to the source as possible. We started asking why can’t light pool, drip or drape? How do we crystallize the ineffable beauty of light?

Project Specs:
Each light is hand sculpted by an artist in its hot plastic state, allowing for infinite possibility in the shape, size and detail of the finished object. Each acrylic sheet is uniquely thermoformed by hand inside of a walk-in industrial oven. Thin strips of LED bulbs, encased in a perforated metal sheath, are adhered to the edge of these beautiful and dynamic sculptures. To date, the family of Gweilo lights includes floor and table lighting, as well as chandeliers.

Alex Josephson
B.A.S., M.Arch (Co-Founder of PARTISANS)

Alex studied art and architecture at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture and the University of Rome, where he also worked in the offices of Massimiliano Fuksas. In 2011, Alex left the Architecture Association School (AA) in London, England, to start PARTISANS. The recipient of numerous awards, he is the only Canadian to have ever received the New York Prize Fellowship from the Van Alen Institute. Alex also lectures at the University of Toronto’s Daniels Faculty of Architecture.


Country of Origin:
Toronto, Canada