Alex Fitzpatrick

Concept Statement:
Supernovae stand out in the sky like cosmic beacons, which scientists use to measure distance in space. Lighthouses play a similar guiding function on earth, providing signals by which sailors can safely navigate and explore.

Lighthouses are the guiding inspiration for the Greenway family of lighting. Created to pay homage and reflect the qualities of one of Australia’s oldest architectural landmarks, Macquarie Lighthouse, this collection draws on the attributes of Sydney’s lighthouses both formally and functionally. Customisable and interchangeable, the Greenway luminaires are available in a vast array of shapes and sizes, depending on the environment they will be illuminating – just like actual lighthouses.

Employing the modular and flexible ideals of globeless LED technology, Greenway is a light fitting for the sustainably minded, and those who appreciate the sturdy and elegant qualities of brass and handblown glass.

Project Specs:
Greenway engine
X1 Machined brass housing (80mm x 60mm diameter)
X1 Cree LED chip (9W, 2700K, 90+ CRI)
X1 black stainless steel cable
X1 woven black cord

X5 hand blown glass shades (three moulds)- 120,220,320mm diameter between 40- 240mm high
X3 lasercut brass / aluminium disks- 140,240,440mm diameter 3mm high
X5 3D printed lattice distributing the light
X1 Acrylic Clear diffuser- 50mm x 80mm diameter

ADesignStudio by Alex Fitzpatrick explores the relationship between the scientific and the poetic aspects of lighting, as well as the application of both current and emerging technologies. The result of this exploration is a range of beautiful, functional and energy-efficient light fittings suitable for commercial, residential and hospitality environments.

Launched in Sydney, Australia, in 2015, ADesignStudio products are inspired by everyday surroundings and nature, and are highly researched, with a strong narrative focus.


Place of Origin:
Sydney, Australia / Born in Calgary, Alberta