Megan Lin

Concept Statement:
Cosmo celebrates the beauty of the movement in mysterious rules. Light connects planets, substances, and our mind. It makes us imagine the beauty of the movement, phenomena, and mystery in the enormous outer space as time goes by. Cosmic moment is about the relationship between light, time, and movement.

Geo Light creates an opportunity to have you own cosmic moment by interacting the lighting fixtures. The form is inspired by basic geometry–a cube and circle. It is a harmonious combination of round and sharp edges. The form and the movement are inspired by the relationship between geometry, geography, and astronomy. The related movement of light source and reflecting plate reminds us of the constantly changing position of the Sun and Earth in orbit. It is also the time to create your own story with light and reimagine your cosmic moment!

Project Specs:
The dimension is 12”L x 12”Hx 1.5”D. The base is cnc-cut Corian. The ring is made of .25” OD brass tube. The LED (9V) housing, and reflecting holder are 3D Printed ABS plastics. The cord is cloth braided.

A multidisciplinary designer, is interested in furniture, lighting, household products, and brand identity design. I envision to make positive impact or even a smile by bringing in my design, which provides a chance to enlighten yourselves by having sensorial experiences. I believe design has temperature. I believe design is honest and intuitive. After having transparent experiences with the design, it is time to translate and archive them into your memory.


Place of Origin:
California, USA