Diaphanous *
Matthew Kennedy

Concept Statement:
Diaphanous lights the night hours with starlight.

The ancients believed a firmament separated the heavens from the earth, a hemisphere from where the stars shone down to lighten our darkest hours.

Diaphanous recreates this cosmic order, a luminaire fashioned with an LED waveguide dome, floating above, with light extractors fashioned by custom laser etching to represent the multitude of stars and nebulae of the cosmos. 

Diaphanous is a map to the stars, recreating the actual patterns of the night sky from any point of view on earth, shown here as the night sky of the Northern hemisphere.

The minimal parts and innovative, screw-free assembly makes Diaphanous sustainable and cost effective, comprised of a waveguide, a circular LED array, a central ring-shaped heatsink and conductive support cables, capable of creating intense or dimmed light at a staggeringly energy-efficient 130 lumens per Watt with superior CRI 92 colour rendering.

Project Specs:
Diaphanous is an LED waveguide luminaire measuring 180mm tall by ø900.

A circular LED array mounted to a machined aluminum heatsink surrounding the central hole directs light into an acrylic waveguide fashioned by injection molding or thermoforming, supported by two conductive power cables that connect with the driver in the canopy. Extractors on the interior surface of the waveguide permit the light to radiate, fashioned by custom laser etching or from the injection moulding process. *Patent Pending

I love lighting. There’s something magical about it.

I’m passionate about solid state lighting, and have been working on personal projects designing and developing new archetypes in LED waveguide lighting. Recently, I incorporated a new venture, Loom™, to bring innovative lighting solutions to market. Loom Inc. is a Top 15 Round_3 finalist in the 2016 New Ventures BC technology business competition.

I live and work near Vancouver, Canada.

Matthew Kennedy


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