Robert Geyer and Rena-Li Kuhrt

Concept Statement:
Cloud is a series of hand blown glass objects.  Blowing molten glass into the inside of a hand knotted wire cage forms the unique, organic volumes.  The copper cage is then removed leaving behind a faint copper shadow in the indents of the glass. 

While the form of Cloud is like that of a cumulonimbus cloud or a cluster of bubbles the light cast by Cloud is reminiscent of the cosmic phenomena of a starburst galaxy.

Cloud is illuminated with an LED.

Project Specs:
25 cm w x 20cm h x 20cm d

Hand Blown Glass, copper wire, LED

Sasamat is a creative studio that strives to create a tension between sculptural form and subtle phenomena through the interplay of light, color and visual perception.

Sasamat Creative was started by Robert Geyer and Rena-Li Kuhrt. Robert has a MFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Rena-Li has a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design.


Place of Origin:
Vancouver, Canada