Neal Aronowitz

Boro Boro Light

Concept Statement

Matter is frozen energy, revealing and expressing the forces that formed it. Crystals, produced under great pressure assume many growth forms - radiating, branching, superimposing, crossing in lattices over, through, and around each other.

Boro Boro Light draws inspiration from the burr crystal form, a three dimensional cluster resembling children's jacks, radiating from the center but with no center matrix.

In Feng Shui practice, the burr crystal embodies unfettered learning and growth in all directions and allows for the free unrestricted flow of Universal Life Force.

Boro Boro Light is designed to be constructed solely of glass, except for the stainless steel cable suspension and Xenon bulbs and sockets. The form and placement of these minimally cold-worked, frosted borosilicate tubes and rods of varying diameters and lengths express an explosion of force while gently diffusing and guiding the radiating luminous glow of light out from the center.

Dynamic, exuberant, and playful from every angle and perspective, Boro Boro functions as a sculptural, efficient light source with an inviting and energetic presence.

Project Specs:

Frosted borosilicate tubes and rods.
Stainless steel cables and suspension hardware.
Dimmable Xenon bulbs.
Dimensions: Approximately 52" diameter x 24" high/ 123 cm x 61 cm


Neal Aronowitz is a Brooklyn, NY native who has been living and working in Portland, Oregon since 1995. In the midst of studying art and architecture in NY and Massachusetts he started a beautiful family and a successful construction company working primarily with tile and stone. Art and design went to the back burner, but over the years dozens of sketchbooks of designs for furniture and sculpture have accumulated.

He has occasionally made conventional pieces of furniture on commission for private clients. Neal recently made the irrevocable decision to dust off and crack open those piles of sketchbooks and foray into the more experimental, riskier pieces that have been unrealized dreams.

Inspiration abounds and there is no turning back now!


Country of Origin:
Portland, Oregon, USA