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Black Hole Lamp
Dario Narvaez, Anthony Baxter

Concept Statement:
A popular depiction of a black hole is an unseen force of nature drawing light down to a single point in space. Using this analogy, the ‘Black Hole Lamp’ controls the intensity of the light being emitted by creating a funnel from which the light cannot escape. In the ‘on’ position the reflective disc of material is fully illuminated, but as the flexible disc is drawn back towards the center of the black hole, the light gets dimmer until it eventually disappears. The ‘Black Hole Lamp’ is effectively dimming the light as it changes shape, in the same way a black hole draws in light and matter by altering the fabric of space.
The design of the lamp features a silicone disc which is deformed by pulling it (angle and length are changed), decreasing the travel of the light rays and its area of contact.

Project Specs:
Dimensions: Height: 1400mm Base width: 600mm Base length: 500mm Shade diameter: 500mm Materials: Stainless Steel rod ½” – 3/8”, Silicone disc, Stainless steel frame, Rings of LED’s. Manufacturing Processes: Metal tube bending, Welding, Stretched silicone sheet, Metal cutting, Metal brake forming.

Company: CurveID
Designers: Dario Narvaez: Senior Industrial Designer. His work ranges in the field of consumer products, automotive design, and digital painting.  Clients such Colgate, John Deere, Panasonic, Harley Davidson, OXO are featured in his portfolio.
Tony Baxter: Curve ID Partner and director of diverse projects for well known clients including Nike, John Deere and Colgate. Tony has been awarded internationally recognized design awards including an Industrial Designers Society of America.


Place of Origin:
New York City, NY