People's Choice Winner - Emerging

Béton floor lamp
George Foussias

Concept Statement:
"...we're all made of stars.."

..Our goal was to innovate the usage of light by separating the light source from the illuminator. Utilizing rare earth magnets, we designed a levitating cap that is easily rotated to alter the brightness and direction of the light source: the underside of the floating cap, is half gloss and half textured white, altering the light reflection depending on position.

A balance between a warm, natural smooth concrete with the bottom dipped in a mid-gloss lacquer finish, were used in the construction, creating an industrial, yet contemporary design, without the use of any toxic materials.

The floating top cap, with it's textured concrete top, illuminated by the levitating white underside, plays on the paradoxical notion of the floating, shaped rock, seemingly lifted by the light emanating below.

Stone and light.
Cosmic stardust.

Project Specs:
The Béton is foam, cored for the electrical components and encapsulated in a concrete skin. The floating cap is made in the same manner.
Once cured, both parts are drilled and the rare earth magnets are installed symmetrically, to align and create the desired repulsion.
Finally, both the cap underside and lower base are dipped in a mid gloss white lacquer

The fixture is 14"x14" at the base and 5'-0" tall.

George Foussias, a co-founder of the art collaborative räh leveraging his experience in product, lighting, furniture and equipment design and brings a sense of vision and execution to this collaborative's innovative environment.

Peter Rattan is the co-founder of räh and brings a wealth of experience in Marketing and Branding. Creatively, Art and photography are passions of Peter's, expertly merging these two mediums to create practical applications within the design realm.

Place of Origin:
Toronto Canada