by Noah Howells 

Concept Statement: The archway has been used throughout the history of civilization to provide balance and structure to great architectural marvels all around the world. The ARCH lamp brings that history into the home in the form of an adjustable light, providing balance between light and dark. When turned on, the ARCH lamp lights up a small portion at the top, symbolizing the “keystone” of an archway, which provides balance and strength to the entire structure. From there, the user can adjust the brightness of the lamp using a touch sensitive control strip along the back of the lamp. As the user slides their hand down the side of the lamp, the light travels down the tube with their touch, creating an archway of light.

Project Specs: The top of the lamp consists of a ¾” diameter frosted polycarbonate tube with a adjustable LED strip running through it. The back of the tube has a touch sensitive control strip that runs the entire length of the glass tube, which adjusts the length of the LED strip that is on. The base of the lamp is made out of ¾” diameter steel tubing and a weighted ¾” steel base. 12”x8”x60”.

Bio: Noah Howells is a furniture design student at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, USA. His passions include lighting design and commercial/public furniture design.

Place of Origin: Boone, North Carolina