Luca Mazzon & Alessandro Dadone

Concept Statement:
Since the dawn of time we have been fascinated by the beauty and the “mystical powers” of the night sky, and the universe. Now looking at the universe we can see its rational aspect, linked to a number of scientific theories, and the other more spiritual perspective, that refers to religions and ideologies.
Considering these two points of view, we designed a concept in which the light shows these two natures, just like two equivalent answers to the same question. 
The hanging disc receives light from a single source, and reflects back two different views from a dichroic film.
If you look at the light, you will immediately see a coloured reflection on the disc's surface. However, our mind and eyes are always eager to look beyond, and move toward abstraction: by doing this, you will be able to perceive different colours of light from the intangible projection.

Project Specs:
The hanging reflective disc is made out of two layers of ecoresin that mixes physical features of PETG, and a dichroic film, which is placed between the layers of ecoresin. This 6 mm panel is CNC engraved to get 190 mm diameter, and then turned in order to dig the rail for the hanging 0,4 mm steel cable. The case of the 1W LED is CNC machined aluminium, and hanged by an electric twisted cable.

Alessandro Dadone and Luca Mazzon are both graduates in Product Design, respectively in Politecnico di Milano and Istituto Europeo di Design.
They had the same first working experience as industrial designers in 3M Italia.
After that Alessandro went to Japan to work in Mitsubishi Electric, while Luca started to develop products for BMW and Stone Island.
Since they found a solid complicity working together in 3M, they decided to create their own design team.


Place of Origin:
Bra, Italy/Como, Italy