L A M P 2015 was open to three Categories: STUDENT, EMERGING & ESTABLISHED. There were no limitations on material types; theme was open to broad interpretation. Our esteemed panel of judges were asked to evaluate each submission according to the following criteria:

  • Aesthetics: Contemporary, visually stimulating, innovative, unique and marketable.  
  • Function: Simplicity in its intended use. 
  • Creativity: A unique approach to materials & design. 
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility: Respectful use of materials.
  • Creative Interpretation of Theme: 

The 2015 International Lighting Design Competition Theme was: 


L A M P 2015 was proudly sponsored by:



Established - GWEILO

Emerging - ECLIPSE

Student - DIVERGE


Established: Boro Boro Light & BIT Light

Emerging - Alabaster

Student - Round Lines

Congratulations to all the beautiful entries! 

L A M P 2015 Competition received 90 Entries from 50 Cities in 19 Countries!!

Click on the three Categories to the left to view submissions. 


Professional Internship at ANDLIGHT.  ANDLIGHT is a lighting and design studio in Vancouver comprising of Lukas Peet, Caine Heintzman, and Matt Davis. 


$500 Inform Interiors Award.


$1,000 L A M P Grand Prize.

2015 Prize Packages for each Category's 1st place Winners also include:

  • Editorial coverage of winners in Dec/Jan print and digital issue of GRAY Magazine.
  • Social Media coverage of winners through all popular L A M P media channels as well as potential for coverage by a wide reach of design print & online magazines. View last year’s coverage here. 
  • Top 10 of Emerging & Established Categories displayed at the November 12th-15th L A M P Exhibition in Vancouver, BC.
  • Potential for a manufacturing deal through L A M P & its partners.





Congratulations to the winners!

There were over 1,000 voters who submitted their favourite designs from around the world! 


for your inspiration, the following concepts inspired this year's theme:

purified solid compounds solubility filtration dissolving impurities science and art blended experimentation observation imagination skill math physics geometry formations energy expressed through light visual perception multi-faceted surfaces modern timeless liquid refraction perspective interaction organically derived naturally inspired controlled imperfections clean lines immaculate design.



verb, crystallized, crystallizing.
1. to form or cause to form crystals; assume or cause to assume acrystalline form or structure

2. to give a definite or concrete form to or expression to (an idea, argument, etc) or (of an idea, argument, etc) to assume a recognizable or definite form.


March 6th Call for Entries Announced

April 27th - Judging Panel Announced

May 1st - Online Submissions OPEN

September 14th - Extended Online Submission DEADLINE

October 7 - top 10 submissions in each category notified

October 26 - accepting top 10 emerging & established materials

November 6th - deadline for top 10 emerging and established materials to arrive

November 12th  -  L A M P event. 

A huge thank you to everyone who made it out to L A M P 2015!

The show was a wonderful success due to your support!

a very special thank you to JAN KATH for hosting! 

to Chef Jefferson Alvarez for providing the pre event canapé service. 

and to Tangible Interaction for the feature Installation: "Sound Clouds"

below photos courtesy of When They Find Us

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2nd Annual L A M P Workshop for KIDS teams up with the gals from Windy & friends to create a fun filled morning for youngsters making their own LED Paper Lanterns! Kids of all ages will follow the basic diy instructions to make their lanterns and are then given freedom to explore their own decorating techniques. 

Registration fee covers the cost of materials, a L A M P tote bag, a snack & a download of the "Sunny's Dark Night" - the groundbreaking stop-motion animation app by Windy & friends. 

Parents of children under 5 must stay through the workshop to help provide supervision. 

Workshop is limited to maximum 30 kids 

Please contact info@welovelamp.ca with questions.

L A M P is thrilled to be celebrating The International Year of Light; a global initiative which will highlight to the citizens of the world the importance of light and optical technologies in their lives, for their futures, and for the development of society. It is a unique opportunity to inspire, educate, and connect on a global scale.

You can find L A M P 2015 listed on the official light2015.org website  among a vast and scintillating amount of symposiums, workshops, festivals and events that celebrate the central role of light in science and culture and bring awareness to new and important innovations in advancing sustainable development on regional, national and international levels. 

for more info on this UN proclaimed Year please visit: